At Primus Advertising, no account is too small to give the required attention to. We enjoy being part of your brand’s growing process.


Our expertise is a blend of talent and knowledge harmonized from young and free minds that has over the years been unleashing brand’s power in the industry through Public Relations, Brand Strategy Development, Corporate And Product Branding, Revamping Image, Brand Communication, Event Management Among Others




We start with just a thought which we graduate into ideas and habitual actions through a rigorous market research by studying consumer behavior and products or service performance.


The results obtained from the research, plays a major part in advising our clients on which communication tools to use and through critical thinking that extends outside the box. We  analyze and craft carefully to ensure that our innovative brains are able to translate our client's vision into product excellence.


We take pride in the fact that we are an independent advertising agency that provides an outside point of view for our clients in the effort of selling their products or services through our works because our creatives are results-oriented. Even though seeking recognition is not our prime focus, our works have produced many awards on local and national levels and has been successful, not only setting our clients apart, but more importantly - above their key competitors.